Who we are

Today, effective marketing requires a different approach. Attention can no longer be bought, it needs to be earned. Our approach is therefore always earned first, we create stories that people want to share.

Building a relationship with your audience begins with a true, honest message. Only by taking a stand can a brand win people’s trust. And by then taking action to back it up the brand can convince people to believe.

We believe in meaningful work. Work that matters, it needs to be relevant. Always on is not always effective. We advocate more impact and less waste in marketing.

“We can no longer simply buy the hearts, time and attention of people. Today we have to earn it!”


We are the best agency you will ever work with. Whether as a client, a colleague or as a partner. A bold statement and one we only dare to say out loud because we work hard to live up to these expectations every day. We believe happy people create better work.


We are a team of pr pros, journalists, creatives, strategists, social media masters, entrepreneurs, storytellers, film makers, influencers & key opinion leaders, data experts, experiential marketeers, photographers, visual artists, bloggers, vloggers, content creators, designers, media directors and culture connectors.


We operate in an international network of independent local hero agencies. By working together intensively, we make sure our clients get the attention they deserve within the Netherlands as well as over the border.

Great Place To Work

We are proud of the ‘Great Place To Work’ award we receive again and again. It’s the people that make HPB great. 

“As long as you stay honest and true to who you really are, you have a role to play.”

The Facts

  • Our agency was founded in a car garage with only skylights in 2005.
  • We cherish the fact that our very first client Essity is still with us today. 
  • We are proud of all the (inter)national awards that we have won with our campaigns, among which a Bronze Eurobest, a Bronze Cannes Lions, various European Excellence Awards (including the grand prix) and multiple SAN Awards
  • Founder Jacqueline Bosselaar is innovative and successful and we have proof. She has been included in the NextWomen100, a list with the most innovative and successful female entrepreneurs, since 2014.
  • Jacqueline Bosselaar was also in the top 25 most influential communication professionals of 2017.
  • HPB has been awarded Great Place to Work multiple times.
  • Which might have something to do with the fact that our employees get to choose from cow’s, oat, soya and almond milk for their morning cappuccino. 
  • HPB is in the top 10 of the best MT 1000 as one of the top communication service providers. 
  • Jacqueline Bosselaar is jury president of Esprix and jury member of Eurobest, ADCN, Spin Awards and Dubai Lynx.
  • HPB has an entrepreneurial culture. For instance PR agency Blyde Benelux is our proud sister and was granted the sustainability label B-Corp in 2019. And Maak Amsterdam - originated with the support from the HPB family - has become an award-winning independent creative agency. 

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