Who we are

We are Het PR Bureau, a creative PR firm specialising in corporate and marketing PR. We create and tell stories that spread like wildfire. We’ve been doing so for over 10 years, working with leading brands such as Spotify, Stokke, Zilveren Kruis and clever new brands like Pritle, House of Eléonore and Foodora. Making an impact by connecting people, media and brands, is what makes us happy.

To make an impact with shareable stories that get your heart going.

A Connecting Agency

An agency that connects. To reach the relevant target audiences we set up valuable connections. Connections between brands, journalists, entrepreneurs, authorities, celebrities UCM's, bloggers, YouTubers, social influencers, artists and every other talent you might think off. We know out of experience that connecting the right media, people and brands is where the magic happens. 

Reach through Impact

We are a PR firm, for sure, but what’s in a name? We still send out press releases and we’ve got most journalists on speed dial. However, the media landscape is constantly in motion and consumer behaviour is always changing. That’s why we are more than your standard PR firm. We look to the future and we constantly innovate; storytellers are at the heart of our firm and we are not afraid to be ballsy. Our creative and strategic team is committed to creating PR campaigns that have a lasting impact, because a story is only a story when it’s passed on. We believe that is the ultimate power of PR.

The most fun and the best

And in that order. We strive to be the best and most fun PR firm in the entire world. Sounds ambitious? Agreed. However, think of it as our ultimate goal. If we keep doing the things that give us energy and make our hearts beat faster, the results will follow naturally. That’s our belief. Within the great walls of Het PR Bureau’s HQ, people come first and we continually ask ourselves: how can we make things better and smarter? By opening Blyde Antwerpen, our first firm outside of our national borders, we’ve taken our first cautious step towards world domination. 

Part of something bigger

Het PR Bureau is part of HPB Companies, a collective of collaborating creative firms and initiatives. All originated from Het PR Bureau because we think that, it’s easier to specialise when you believe in something. Embarking upon adventures and taking up challenges is in our DNA. PR Stunt is specialised in guerrilla marketing, ViaHenri is our cultural network, Maak connects influencers and brands, Blyde focuses on enterprises that are making a difference and MensenHandel is the movement surrounding (arisen from) Marnix’s book. Together we are one family.

Fun fact to be proud of: from all the pr-agencies, we had the most awards in 2016.

Facts at hand/Facts on the table

  • Founders Marnix en Jacqueline met during their internship at a PR firm
  • Our firm was founded in 2005 in a garage with merely a few skylights
  • Our first client is still our client today (SCA)
  • Both Marnix and Jacqueline met their true loves at Het PR Bureau
  • In 2016 we won more advertising prizes than any other PR firm.
  • Five per cent of our profits is spent on taxes of charities
  • Het PR Bureau is called HPB by friends and family

We feel: once a part of the HPB family, always a part of the HPB family