Het PR Bureau becomes HPB

By Jacqueline Bosselaar, 25 May 2020

Amsterdam, Monday 25 May 2020 - As of today, Het PR Bureau will officially be known as HPB in the land of PR and marketing communications. On the one hand this abbreviation honours the Het PR Bureau roots and the reputation built under this name and on the other hand it offers room to the broader role the agency plays when it comes to marketing communications and reputation. The goal is to create earned first work, in the broadest sense of the word.

What’s in a name?

For most people who work with the agency- colleagues, partners, clients - the name change feels very natural. Behind the scenes the abbreviation HPB is commonplace. The new name is more practical when collaborating across the border and it helps cover more ground as PR isn’t always a sufficient term to describe what the agency really does. 

Founder Jacqueline Bosselaar: ‘PR is not a set of tactics. It’s a way of thinking. From an earned first strategy we come up with, create and distribute shareable stories, the only way to cut through ad blockers. Whether people voluntarily share your story depends on the content and on the form. The term PR is still mostly associated with a press release or a product mailing while in some cases for instance a video, concert or an app is much more efficient. For us there are no boundaries, as long as it contributes to making impactful work. We detect an increasingly important role for digital social media content, essential for shareability. Which is why we have been building on our strategy & creative department, among others with Wilmar Tax who has a background in digital, interactive media and branding and joined the agency in 2019.’ 

Earned first era

HPB emphasizes the importance of the earned way of thinking. Today, effective marketing requires a different approach. Attention can no longer be bought, it needs to be earned. The HPB approach is therefore always earned first and social by design. The agency believes that for brands building a relationship with their audience begins with a true, honest message. That doesn’t mean the agency steers clear from paid, owned or social, but always to strengthen the earned objective. 

Jacqueline Bosselaar: ‘We believe in meaningful work. Work that matters, it needs to be relevant. Always on is not always effective. We advocate more impact and less waste in marketing. Earned first work offers a great solution.’