Inside Het PR Bureau

You’ve probably heard us brag about Het PR Bureau HQ. Loads of plants, an old judo school, the longest desk in Amsterdam, a daily elaborate lunch, and so on and so forth. We’d love to give our parents, family members, neighbours, Henri Polak commuters and everyone who is just curious a digital tour. Welcome to the Henri Polaklaan 13!

Isabelle: “This table used to be even longer, but because of a new meeting room Amsterdam’s longest desk had to be shortened. As long as no one claims that their desk is the longest, we just continue saying we’ve got the longest desk in Amsterdam. It’s one big flex space, so every day everyone finds a nice spot for the day. But not me, I’m a creature of habit. I chose my spot at the edge of the desk, a place where I can work in peace and quiet. My colleagues know this, so it happens sometimes that they ‘steal’ this spot whenever I’m on holiday. But they always give it back when I return.”

Natasja: “During the renovation of our office last year, we decided that we want to be even more accessible than we already were. We want our office to feel like a cafe or your favourite hang out. Thanks to the coffee corner with our newspaper table and the beautiful drawings by Marloes de Kiewit (PaintandPose) on the wall, we quite managed to create just that feeling. Sometimes tourists walk in spontaneously. They think they can drink a cup of coffee here. When we explain to them that this is an office, the look on their face is mere surprise. Mission accomplished! This space is also great for hosting events. A while back we organised an event with bloggers here for Specsavers, one of our clients.”

Fleur: “The kitchen is the place where everyone relaxes and where we discuss the more important things in life. What happened on Temptation Island yesterday? What hummus shall I eat today? Shall I go to the gym tonight or just drink wine? These conversations, interspersed with a whirlwind of salads, wraps and sandwich creations, fill the most chaotic space in our office. You can stay there for hours…”

Camiel: “The stand has been designed by our architect years ago and is inspired by an old schoolyard. Sitting together and smoking cigarettes in secret. Sometimes we use the stand for a motivational speech. But recently, it has been transformed into a plant theater. I would call it the lungs of Het PR Bureau. They provide oxygen and inspiration. When the stress runs through the building due to deadlines, I pick up my watering can and water the plants. Plants make people happy, I really do believe that.”

Erik: “This office is very alive, but as financial controller I sometimes find myself drowned in numbers. Before the renovation, my spot was at the far end of Amsterdam’s longest desk. That wasn’t always ideal. Luckily, my pitch for my own office was successful. As of last year, I take care of all the financial business with Charlot and Hajar from this room in the corner of the office. We named it ‘De Nederlandsche Bank’ (The Dutch Bank).”