Lyre’s chooses HPB for brand introduction

By HPB, 12 October 2020

Amsterdam, 12 October 2020 - Alcohol-free drinking, or NoLo, is gaining popularity. The new brand Lyre’s is tapping into this trend with a comprehensive range of non-alcoholic spirits and liqueurs. The spirits have been developed to pay homage to the flavors of the world’s most classic, time tested spirits and have already won several international awards. Lyre’s has chosen HPB (Het PR Bureau) as her agency in the Netherlands for PR, earned first marketing and storytelling.

As close to the original as possible

The Lyre’s bottles have a beautiful design and the animal on each label refers to the country of origin of that drink. Lyre’s name and logo are inspired by the Australian ‘Lyrebird’, a bird known as the world’s greatest mimic. And that is exactly how Lyre’s works. Lyre’s has been impossibly crafted using all-natural essences, extracts and distillates so as to match the aroma, taste and appearance of the traditional spirit, without using alcohol as a base.

Lyre’s ambition is not to create original, new flavours, but to get as close as possible to those time tested and universally loved flavours of original spirits and pay them homage”, says Mark Livings, CEO of Lyre’s Spirits. “As the mindful drinking trend grows around the globe, more and more people are looking for sophisticated alternatives to alcohol. Lyre’s was created so social people looking for more mindful options can still enjoy a sophisticated drink. Only Lyre’s gives you the freedom to have your drink, your way.

The Netherlands as central hub

Lyre’s is rapidly conquering the world and is now available in more than 30 markets including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and China and now the Netherlands. Lyre’s sees the Dutch market as a key market for expansion and has, therefore, not only established their central distribution hub here, but CEO Mark Livings moved here as well: “From previous experiences I know that the Netherlands is a country that often embraces new trends as one of the first. So it was a logical step for us to create the European hub in the Netherlands. And with a partner like HPB, with their creativity, passion for our brand and a lot of knowledge of the industry, I’m really looking forward to introducing our products to this beautiful country,” says Livings.

Jacqueline Bosselaar, founder, CEO and strategist at HPB: “We are proud to welcome Lyre’s as a client. Lyre’s really brings something to the market that we haven’t seen here before. A whole range of spirits that seamlessly connects to the NoLo trend that is very much on the rise in the Netherlands. With our creative PR strategy and our broad media network we are going to introduce the whole of the Netherlands to this beautiful brand and the tasty possibilities of NoLo.

About Lyre’s

Launched in Australia in July 2019, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits is a range of 13 alcohol-free classic spirits, created using a unique understanding of food science and flavor architecture. The company was founded by multi award winning serial entrepreneurs Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann, with the mission to provide an alternative to those who don’t wish to imbibe alcohol without sacrificing the flavors of their favorite spirits.