Never has there been a better time to be meaningful never a worse time not to be

By Wilmar Alex Tax, 15 April 2020

Never has there been a better time to be meaningful never a worse time not to be

Next to real suffering and pain in these times - I know from very close personal experience - we’re seeing an incredible spike in real and meaningful creativity. It’s one of things that keeps me going in these crazy times. Maybe “times they are really a-changing” after all, Bob Dylan.

We see people helping and supporting people and marketers wanting to make a difference besides just selling their product; either by supporting their clients and customers (our client Grolsch who’s a full supporter of #helpdehoreca (#helpthebarsandrestaurants), by helping with real NPD’s (LV with their hand sanitizer as well) or even bringing a message to their fans with regard to social distancing such as soccer club Inter Miami by changing their logo.

NOW is the time, people to dig into your inner brand truth or purpose and find why you(r brand) is making a difference. It’s time for bravery, for taking a stand and act, as Jacqueline Bosselaar would say!

Here’s some of the things we’ve noticed work well to stimulate this:

  1. FIND YOUR BRAND CORE - Find your inner brand and what it really means. Does it bring people together (virtually, not physically at the moment)? Does it keep you fit in body or mind? Do you have a product providing essentials or just something nice, tasty, lovely to put a smile on peoples faces?
  2. BE MEANINGFUL, BE EARNED - we have not yet come across one brand that can’t be meaningful (and trust us, we’ve come across quite a pile).
    Ask yourself: Will whatever the activity, product or brand earn attention? Don’t add wasteful communication (h/t Jacqueline Bosselaar) that means nothing, adds nothing; it was never a great idea to do so, but now it’s actually quite ridiculous.
  3. ACT FAST - momentum is coming and going everyday, surf it when you can and surf it fast, cut through the hierarchy layers when someone has a good idea and simply do it
  4. IMPERFECT - don’t be afraid to fail, when you keep being true to yourself, people will understand and will forgive you. In these times, honesty and transparency (and a little unfilteredness) will be appreciated.
  5. BE BRAVE - Don’t be afraid to take a stand, don’t be afraid to act upon it, again: when you’re close to brand truth and purpose it’s really hard to go wrong and it it goes right… WOMAN or MAN you will have made a real difference and people will remember you for it (and it will feel make you great)
  6. BE CREATIVE - look for new and unchartered territory, new ways to bring relevance to consumers, customers, the world, cherish those who think different in your organisation, agencies or outside, they might have different answers than the ones you’ve thought of.

Go for it!

Stay healthy, sane and a bit foolish

(the above will help, I am positive).

Wilmar Alex Tax

Head of Strategy & Create at HPB (Het PR Bureau)

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