The new Het PR Bureau

By Jacqueline Bosselaar, 22 May 2020

What started with a sharpening of our agency’s vision has led to a completely new brand identity. Het PR Bureau embraces renewal.

With the same clarity that characterises our vision, we have refreshed our visual identity. On behalf of the team and in collaboration with Jop Quirindongo and web designer Just we proudly present: The new Het PR Bureau.

It starts with the name, because from 1 June onwards Het PR Bureau will be known as HPB. For most of us - partners, colleagues and clients - a very natural transition. Behind the scenes we have been using this abbreviation for years. On the one hand HPB recognizes our roots in PR, and on the other it emphasises the wider role we play in the field of marketing communications and reputation management.

With a new name comes a new logo and once the logo has been tackled, you have no choice but to take all communication to the next level. It’s been quite a process, but you’ve got to love it. We embrace innovation. Fifteen years ago HPB was frowned upon because we were the first to collaborate with influencers in the Netherlands, today everyone has a fan club. Innovation leads to growth.

Our vision is clear; We believe in an earned first approach. Attention can no longer be bought, you have to earn it. We tell stories that people want to share. And in order to make that happen, the work needs to be relevant, it has to really matter. Because with truly meaningful work, we can make real impact, which saves a whole lot of waste in marketing.

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