Xiaomi chooses PR agency HPB

By HPB, 03 August 2021

“We want to be the coolest brand in Europe”

Amsterdam - Xiaomi has chosen HPB (Het PR Bureau) as the collaboration partner for all its PR activities in the Netherlands and Flanders. The international electronics company, also the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, wants to strengthen brand awareness and expand brand preference. Xiaomi is working hard at becoming a premium brand. The company has three main PR goals: attention for product quality, expanding the active fanbase community and  profiling itself as a lifestyle brand. 

Premium smartphones

Xiaomi’s mission is to make high quality technology accessible to everyone. The company makes smartphones in every category, from entry-level to premium. 

Erwin van der Valk, Head of Marketing at Xiaomi, on the partnership with HPB: “Xiaomi is taking the world by storm as a premium brand. We are growing at an enormous rate internationally and are setting the pace for premium tech. We are eager to show more of ourselves. HPB sees that this is an important need for us. They have a strong network in tech and lifestyle and understand how we want to expand our premium position. Our partnership synergizes with our ambition to become the biggest, most beautiful and most importantly coolest brand in Europe.” 

The vibrant heart of the community

The heart and driving force behind the success of Xiaomi is its community. The brand has both an international platform and a forum for its fans,which are used to regularly share co-creation initiatives and even to collect product feedback.  

Jacqueline Bosselaar, founder and CEO HPB: “Xiaomi is an incredible company with a huge legacy when it comes to design and innovation for an accessible price. But the real hidden gem is the community. It is incredibly cool to see how the brand is embraced by the people it’s really all about: xiaomi’s users. That’s why fans will play such an important role in the stories we will be telling. We will offer them a platform through storytelling and local activations, to continue and develop Xiaomi’s momentum. The Netherlands and Flanders have a lot to look forward to.”