This privacy statement is applicable to the website(s) of “Het PR Bureau B.V.” (hereafter referred to as ‘PR Bureau’) for visitors of its website.

PR Bureau may process Personal Data. PR Bureau will be qualified as a Controller, as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal Data is every piece of information, or a collection of information, which identifies a person or makes a person identifiable. A few of the most common examples are one’s name, address or phone number.

Data Processing

On our website, we collect information when website users use contact forms or sign up for the PR Bureau newsletter. These data are required in order to allow and respond to questions of users and to enable users to sign up for our services. The data we collect for such purposes consists of one’s name, function profile and email address.
The website also collects information regarding a visitor’s website behaviour. This information consists of the IP-address; browser specifications; information regarding a visitor’s use of the website such as date, time and length of a visit; how they have accessed the website; the pages which have visited; and search results. This information is mainly collected through automatic processes such as cookies, which are explained in our cookie policy.
PR Bureau collects such data to optimize our website, to provide relevant content for our users, to obtain knowledge regarding necessary or excessive content, to prevent misuse of our website or in the possible situation of settling a claim or dispute.

Storage and Receivers

PR Bureau stores the processed Personal Data for as long as necessary regarding the purposes for which the data were collected and/or for as long as the Data Subject uses our services and the processed Personal Data are necessary for these services. When the purpose of the collection of said data has ended, PR Bureau will assess whether we are required to store personal data by law or to settle a possible claim or dispute. For example, PR Bureau stores (personal) data for the duration of 7 years, if these (personal) data are relevant for our financial administration, as required by law.

Third Parties
PR Bureau uses certain third parties in order to provide their services, for example, in order to host our website and to process the data collected on the website. These third parties are contractually bound to PR Bureau and if required, PR Bureau concludes a Data Processing Agreement with these parties. PR Bureau always assesses whether these third parties are compliant with GDPR standards and enters into binding agreements with them to enforce strict and clear requirements. Furthermore, PR Bureau might transfer Personal Data to third parties if a) a user has given their explicit consent, or in the event PR Bureau is required to do so because of b) a claim or dispute, c) compliance to legal obligations, or d) an act against unlawful use or misuse of our website and/or property and/or services. All of the data PR Bureau collects are stored within the EEA.

Cookie Policy

PR Bureau makes use of cookies for various purposes on our website. Some of these cookies are considered functional cookies and are collected in order to enable visitors and users to use the website properly. These cookies collect data such as web browser information, the system and software version a visitor is using and other technical information. We are not required to obtain permission for such cookies. Furthermore, PR Bureau might use analytical and/or tracking cookies. The data collection through the use of Google Analytics has been masked to prevent data collection on an individual level, meaning that the IP-addresses have been anonymized and data cannot be traced to individual users. As such, we are not required to obtain permission for the use of Google Analytics either. Our cookies will be explained below, as well as the purpose for which we need them.

On our website we make use of the following cookies:



Retention term

Google Analytics (_ga, _gat, _gid)

This is used in order to gain an understanding of how the website is used and collect IP addresses (masked).


Unique, generated ID which is used to obtain and retain information about a user’s surf behaviour on our website.

5 years


Unique token used to optimize our security in order to prevent outside attacks.

1 month


Used for the management environment of the website

Session based, removed upon closing

For non-masked, optional (tracking and analytical) cookies, PR Bureau will ask for permission. If a visitor no longer wishes for PR Bureau to collect their cookies, they can adjust their browser settings and revoke their permission. As a result the visitor will receive the cookie notification anew the next time they visit the website. Please keep in mind that by not allowing the cookies, some parts of the website might not be fully functional.

Rights of Data Subjects

Data Subjects have, at all times, the right to revoke the permission they have given for the processing of Personal Data. Hence, a person can choose to use the link in the newsletters to unsubscribe or send an email to when they no longer wish to receive newsletters.

Data Subjects have the right to information and to access the Personal Data we collect. They also have the right to restrict the processing of their Personal Data or to request for their data to be removed entirely. Data Subjects can send their questions and requests regarding privacy to PR Bureau shall respond to such requests within the legal timeframe of one month. In case of a request for their data to be removed or for a restriction of the processing of Personal Data, PR Bureau will assess whether there are no legitimate legal grounds on which PR Bureau is allowed to process the Personal Data and as such, would prevent the fulfilment of a Data Subject’s request. Data Subjects have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.