House of Eléonore: building international recognition

House of Eléonore 2017

From launch to a collaboration with Amazon

In a short period of time, Bernd Damme and Royal Asscher built an international, innovative and sustainable jewellry brand: House of Eléonore. The ‘luxury’ brand now also has set up a partnership with Amazon.

We were involved from day one. We organised the brand launch and have since then generated ongoing media coverage for House of Eléonore, Bernd and their impressive collections.


To share House of Eléonore’s story, we outlined the brand narrative from A to Z with the founder, Bernd Damme. After a spectacular launch in the National Maritime Museum, we established further visibility among the ‘luxury target audience’ through national and international media publications. We also set up various collaborations, including a significant one with champagne brand Ruinart. We are also House of Eléonore’s creative strategy sparring partner.


Publications across various media, including RTL Z, Sprout, Emerce, FD, L'Officiel, The National Jeweler, Metro, De Telegraaf, Quote and Het Parool.

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