What services do we offer and what do they entail?

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who has prominence through an extensive reach or impact. Examples include YouTubers with a large number of followers, bloggers with a fan base or authoritative experts. In PR, collaborations with influencers are set up to spread a brand’s message. This is what we call influencer marketing.

What is a PR toolbox?

The PR toolbox is a package of basic documents that can be utilised to reach out to the media. The toolbox usually includes a brand factsheet (1), a Q&A document with questions (and answers) that could be posed by journalists (2), a boilerplate (a short description what the brand is and does) (3), a tailor-made media list (4) and an image library (5).

How do we utilise data in PR?

Big data is hot. Also in PR. It gives us better insights in the target audience’s interests and behaviours. This intelligence allows us to ascertain which content is relevant for which group of people.

What is a PR strategy?

In most cases, strategy development is the starting point of our collaboration with a brand. In this phase, we determine the PR strategy and highlight which of the brand’s goals we are going to achieve through PR.

What role does creativity play in the way we do PR?

Creativity or concepting is part of the majority of PR strategies. Once a clear strategy is defined, we can get to work to create suitable concepts and ideas. During this phase, clients are directly able to give feedback during a kitchen review and, if necessary, give us more direction. A dedicated team of creative strategists work at Het PR Bureau, who are continuously developing creative concepts for our clients.

What is a press desk?

A press desk is a virtual desk where all brand news is collected. In most cases, a press desk also includes an image library. Here, journalists or others can find contact information to get in touch with the right spokesperson. In other words, it’s a place where all press information comes together.

What is a brand launch?

A brand or product launch is literally the introduction of a brand or product. Based on your budget, we can make this as extravagant as you want it to be. The first important step to take, is to distribute an official press release about the launch to relevant media. Want to add a spectacular launch with bells and whistles to the mix? It’s up to you!

What is interim PR support?

Does your company require temporary PR support? It is then possible to hire one of our professionals on an interim basis. Due to our experience and network, you instantly welcome a broad range of skills into your company. This can be especially helpful in case of a crisis or when a colleague is on temporary leave.

What is a guerrilla stunt?

With guerrilla marketing, your aim is to generate maximum results with limited resources. The main goal generally is to reach a large audience by standing out through creativity. A quirky concept that generates smiles is the perfect ingredient for a successful guerrilla (PR) stunt. The result: sincere loyal fans who don’t only hear about your brand story, but also understand what you want to say and share it with others.

What is media monitoring?

We are able to be your eyes and ears when it comes to media attention. We do this through media monitoring. This helps us to adequately respond to what is being said, as well as to precisely track what the PR results are. Through media monitoring, you never have to miss a publication again.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is - evidently - being able to manage your brand’s reputation. It’s all about building trust. To do so, it’s essential that we share the same message multiple times in various media publications, both online and offline.

What is crisis PR?

Unfortunate circumstances can cause a company or brand to receive negative publicity. At that moment, your reputation is the hands of journalists, who can affect how your company is perceived by the general public. With crisis PR or issue management, we provide ad hoc or precautionary advice and support for various issues and (latent) crisis situations. We can help write up crisis how-tos and scripts and offer tailor-made crisis training.

What is personal PR?

Personal PR, also known as personal branding, is about utilising PR for individuals. Are you a CEO, a thought leader or is there another reason why you are placed in the spotlights? Through PR, we can showcase your skills and ensure that you are (and remain) top of mind among journalists.

What is spokesmanship?

Being a spokesman or press officer is not for everyone. Are you able to keep your head cool with a camera recording in front of you and a microphone being pressed under your nose? The secret is to stick to your message and to radiate calmness. This is something we can teach you.

What is media training?

In a media training, we prepare you for media interviews. Giving a strong interview is namely something that takes practice. Good preparation is half the battle. Do you get sweaty palms when a camera crew gets too close? Do you stumble over your words when a journalist poses a question? Or do you want to further enhance your skills in spokesmanship? Good news: this is something we can help you with.

What is a brand story?

People think in narratives. A brand story is one that a company wishes to share with their target group. Answering the question ‘why’ is often the leitmotif in creating a brand story. Why does the brand exist? Why should everyone know about it? An original brand story is shared (or 

What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy formulates guidelines that help to shape a brand’s social media presence. It answers various questions, such as who the target audience is and which social media channels should be included. Moreover, we also underline a clear goal that the brand wishes to achieve through their social media presence. This can include extra website traffic, customer service or brand interactivity.

What are key messages?

Key messages help brands to deliver concise and consistent information. They form the foundation of effective communication. Generally, key messages incorporate one main message and numerous supporting messages. Effective key messages leave no room for unclarity or disagreement.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling literally includes the sharing of a narrative. A solid narrative is authentic, personal and evokes emotions. In PR, we incorporate storytelling in our mix to powerfully convey a brand’s message.

What is a digital strategy?

A company’s digital strategy formulates what need to be implemented in order to achieve online goals. Examples are a brand’s wishes to enhance their searchability in Google (SEO), incorporate search engine advertising (SEA), improve their website and optimise their social media presence. We can also help you to develop a digital strategy.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the creation of convincing pieces of text. The application varies, from press releases and blogs to social media messages and advertisements. All brand expressions need good copy. Our goal is to create concise messaging that appeals to the target audience and is easy to digest.

What is owned media?

Owned media are channels that a company or brand exercises complete control over, allowing them to also fully determine the conveyed message. This includes blogs, websites, printed materials and social media. The reach depends on the number of fans or followers. 

What is earned media attention?

Earned media attention is visibility created through newsworthiness. Others share your message, without being reimbursed for it. Your message has the potential to be picked up and shared by bloggers, journalists, influencers and consumers (with their own social media channels).

With traditional PR, earned PR was the core focus to realise media attention. It also generally creates a larger reach compared to owned and paid media attention.

What is paid media attention?

Paid media attention is visibility that is achieved through disbursement. In PR, this often includes advertorials.

What are advertorials?

An advertorial is an editorial with a commercial message. In other words, it is an advertisement written like an editorial piece (like on Most journalists include a mention to the piece, so that readers know it is an advertorial. The advantage of advertorials (paid media) over press releases is that newsworthiness is not always necessary to generate visibility. Furthermore, you have more control over the messaging and are guaranteed reach.

A 360 approach, what does it entail?

A 360 approach includes sharing a company’s message through various channels: owned, paid and earned. This can incorporate blogs, social media, traditional newspapers and magazines (both online and offline), bloggers, influencers and more. The goal is to get as many people within the target group in contact with the set message. 

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