Accept to Enter


Make people aware of the fact that a ban on LGBTQIA+ discrimination is currently missing in the Dutch Constitution and that it’s about time we change things up.


Article 1 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race and gender. However, there is no explicit prohibition on LGBTQIA+ discrimination. As many as 62% of Dutch citizens are not aware at all that these rights are not anchored in their Constitution. Moreover, 74% believe that this fundamental right should be enshrined in law. COC Netherlands has been pleading for a change in the constitution for almost more than 20 years. Soon, the Senate and the House of Representatives will vote to add a ban on discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation to the Constitution. High time to draw attention to this important issue!


During Pride Week, companies get the change to install the Accept to Enter pop-up on their website. This will allow website visitors to indicate that they do not tolerate discrimination in any form. By using the laws of the internet, we set a good example for politicians and together we support COC Netherlands in their 20-year battle to add a ban on LGBTQIA+ discrimination to the Constitution. Accept to Enter is an initiative of N=5, Dentsu, HPB, PanelWizard Direct, and MainBrain.


We announce the campaign by sending out a press release including the research results from a survey among Dutch people about their (missing) knowledge on LGBTQIA+ discrimination and the Constitution. We support companies to install the Accept to Enter pop-up and we create social buzz by using the channels of Dutch celebrities, influencers, as well as participating organisations to broadcast our message. Our aim is to raise awareness and simultaneously contribute to a change of the Constitution.  


During Pride Week, the pop-up was viewed millions of times by website visitors as it was implemented by more than 50 companies, including broadcasting association BNNVARA, political party GroenLinks and the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). The campaign was shared by 25 media companies, influencers, and Dutch celebrities on social media and generated 7 online publications on LINDA, Adformatie, and BNNVARA amongst others. 

  • Reach: 14.456.780

  • Media value: € 372.803

  • ROI: pro bono

Tim Hofman (@debroervanroos): "Swipe up, read and share. This can and should be different."

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