Barbie: 60 Super Stories

Barbie 2020

For over 60 years Barbie© has been inspiring girls from all over the world to reach their full potential. For her 60th birthday - together with 60 Dutch roles models - we decided to invigorate that mission. Resulting a stunning 42% growth in sales during the campaign and a reach of 76 million earned media impressions.

“Even the Dutch Public Library decided to include our book in the collection!”


Create awareness for the celebration of Barbie’s 60th birthday in the Netherlands. Bring Barbie’s mission to life among parents and their daughters. Inspire them to fully explore the limitless potential of every young girl. Help them to close The Dream Gap.


Research shows that girls from the age of five believe their dreams have limits. From the age of seven, girls even start to think thats boys are smarter and more capable then they are. This is called The Dream Gap. One of the reasons is the lack of visibility of female role models, as girls cannot become what they cannot see.


“You can be anything!”

On International Women’s Day and during the week of Barbie’s sixtieth birthday, 60 Dutch female role models joined forces with Barbie to make a statement and to do something to help. 

With an earned media campaign we launched a special book, ‘60 Super Stories’. In this book sixty famous and inspiring Dutch women openly shared how they got where they are today. These role models include well-known influencers as well as unknown power women like a professor, beer brewer and camera woman. All women participated voluntarily. 

We also provided all our participating role models with a social media package - filled with visuals, GIFs and quotes - to empower them to promote both themselves and the campaign. 


The 60 Dutch women and their inspiring stories dominated the news. This approach resulted in 400+ (earned) publications, a sales boost of 42% (normally 10%) and a reach of 76 million impressions. The book has also been included in the permanent collection of the Dutch public library.

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“We never expected that so many women and media would embrace our book!”

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