Beiersdorf: Product launch with an impact

Beiersdorf 2020

Product innovation is central to market leader Beiersdorf. Its brands NIVEA, Labello, 8x4, Hansaplast and Eucerin regularly launch new products that stimulate the market. Together with Beiersdorf we introduce these products to relevant media and influencers. Besides informing them well on all product features, it is important that these journalists, influencers and bloggers are also able to feel, experience and test the products.

“It is always such a delight to unbox the packages of Nivea or Labello.” - Beauty journalist Carlijn Biesemaat (Santé, a.o.).


Develop a PR approach that supports the launch of the new products among the right target group and stay in line with the marketing campaign.


The launch of a new product in itself already has news value, but to increase the impact of the introduction we dive into the latest trends relevant to the target group. Based on these trends we develop the creative concept for the launch.


We provide media with the right product information on time. Additionally, we send out a physical press mailing to key media, influencers and bloggers. It is important that the package in which we present the product is on trend, personal, surprising and instagrammable. 


In 2019 we generated over 660 earned publications with our product introductions. 


  • Product launch

  • PR Strategie

  • Creatief concept

  • Influencer management

  • Media relationship management

  • Experiential marketing

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