Campina: dancing cows during annual First Day of Spring

Friesland Campina 2017

The environment and the wellbeing of cows in the spotlights

Just like the New Year’s Dive is a highlight for Unox, the First Day of Spring is an annual milestone for Campina. It’s the moment when the farming season is officially opened and the cows are able to hit the fields for the first time after winter. A festive day with lots of smiles on faces and ecstatic cows.

With their annual event, Campina shows that the environment and the wellbeing of cows is a top priority for them. It’s our job to get the party started.


Each year, we are responsible for organising the First Day of Spring event, including the press strategy. There’s always more work to do than meets the eye. It starts off early with selecting the perfect location, one with a likeable Campina farmer who is keen to welcome the public to his farm for one whole day. There are a number of set elements that are included: school kids who cheer on the cows as they make their way towards the lush green grass and a celebrity who enthusiastically opens the barn doors. In previous years, celebrities Helga van Leur (2014), Lieke van Lexmond (2015) and Sven Kramer (2016) were the ones to do so. Believe it or not: even the cows receive a script. To ensure that all camera crews present are able to make the perfect shot, we also take time to select the right camera angles. This pays off, as the photos and shots taken are always a great success.  


Each year, Campina’s First Day of Spring generates widespread media coverage. Last year, we reached a media value of over €1 million, with publications ranging across print, online and TV. To add to this great result, Campina rewarded us with a solid 8 (and a sticker) for the event’s organisation. We also thoroughly enjoyed the day, filled with happy children, an enthusiastic Sven Kramer and dancing cows!

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