Grolsch: #Helpdehoreca mini concerts by Dutch top artists

Koninklijke Grolsch 2020

Koninklijke Grolsch (‘Royal Grolsch’) has been supporting the on-trade with various activities since the beginning of the corona crisis, including a partnership with the initiative #helpdehoreca (‘#helptheontrade’). Together with Grolsch and Fitzroy, HPB came up with a concept of organising digital concerts in empty on-trade establishments to raise awareness for this initiative. The Grolsch #helpdehoreca Live Sessions.

“It’s hard to see my favorite on-trade establishment in this situation,” says Nielson, one of the participating artists. “But I’m also impressed by the resilience they’re showing. It shows true character when you’re able to stay creative and positive during these times and I would like to help by doing what I can: making music. That way I hope to contribute to the survival of this important social place!”


Develop an earned first strategy and a creative concept so Grolsch can be both relevant during the corona crisis and do something meaningful for Dutch people.


The on-trade in the Netherlands is struggling. All on-trade establishments are mandatorily closed. Musicians and artists are sitting at home, as they can’t perform in front of a live audience. People miss doing fun thing, such as going out to a bar, restaurant or a concert. Video call platforms are experiencing an immense growth in users. What if we can encourage all these groups - on-trade, artists and consumers - with a positive message and experience?


The #helpdehoreca initiative asks consumers to help their favourite restaurant as long as the doors are mandatorily closed by purchasing a voucher. As partner of the initiative, Grolsch wanted to give it a boost. And that’s what we did. Together with Grolsch and Fitzroy, we organised a series of micro concerts. We asked Dutch top artists (Miss Montreal, Nielson, Akwasi, Diggy Dex and Rib Dekay) to perform in their favourite bar. Pain, emptiness and at the same time pleasure and hope came to life in these practically empty spaces. The concerts were streamed live and generated a lot of publicity in national media and (i.a.) RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws.


Together with Grolsch we generated publicity in national media like RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws, reaching 104.257.971 earned media impressions. 


  • PR Strategy

  • Creative concept

  • Influencer management

  • Media relationship management

  • Experiential marketing

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