Libresse: Wombstories

Libresse 2021

Libresse will not be done until all taboos have been removed. That's why the brand introduces the campaign #wombstories (or #baarmoederverhalen in Dutch). A campaign that encourages women to be open and honest about their womb experiences. So that from now on women never ever keep silent out of fear, insecurity or shame.

An important component of the campaign is a confrontational and beautiful international film of 3 minutes, in which 'the pleasure, the pain, the love and the hate' are portrayed. With this film Libresse wants to show that the brand understands women. Thanks to the controversial concept 'Ik moet mijn ei kwijt’ (I need to share my egg) we brought the campaign to life in the Netherlands.

“I’m so grateful that this finally gets the attention it deserves. I have been unable to talk about it for 4 years. Nobody understood or knew about it." — participant Zoom session


How can we credibly bring the new campaign #wombstories to life in the Netherlands? And thereby contribute to breaking (womb) taboos and go beyond the film. Enabling Libresse to show that they understand women and really cares about them. 


The naked truth:

  • 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage.
  • 10% of women suffer from endometriosis.
  • More than 50% of women who are voluntarily childless feel misunderstood.

Many women want to talk about this, but are afraid to. That’s why we wanted to do something to really help women.


Libresse introduces: ‘Ik moet mijn ei kwijt’ (literally translated: I need to share my egg, which means you have a great need to express yourself). A series of interactive Zoom sessions in an intimate setting where women have an open and honest conversation about their wombs.

The Zoom sessions were hosted by Pauline Wingelaar (TV host) who talked about PCOS & IUI, and Angelique (radio DJ) who openly shared how endometriosis affects her daily life. 


The campaign was picked up by multiple national media, amongst them RTL Nieuws, Editie NL and Radio 1. But much more important; women could finally tell their story and felt connected and heard. During the sessions they laughed, cried, comforted and high fived each other. Without knowing each other beforehand. We didn't keep it dry either. The campaign set a new female movement in motion: let our #wombstories be shared!   

  • Total reach (earned media): more than 3 million.

  • 96% of the participants felt a strong sense of connection throughout the Zoom session.

  • 72% of the participants look significantly more positively at the Libresse brand and found the campaign taboo breaking.

  • 80% of the participants sent us a personal message to thank us afterwards.

  • All participants let us know that they would like to participate in a sequel.

Angelique talking about endiometriosis.

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