National Muscle Soreness Day

Melkunie PROTEIN 2022


Create an authentic and meaningful activation that appeals to both consumers and the media. Simultaneously improve Melkunie PORTEIN’s brand position as a supportive and compassionate brand for when the gyms reopen. 


Gyms are closed because of Covid-19 regulations. As an active and sporty nation, many Dutch people have issues with not being able to perform their favourite sport: gymming. Over time people lack motivation to work out outside of the gym and many gym club members cannot wait until the doors of their favorite gyms reopen. Finally, the time has come. On the 18th of May we will finally be able to get back into the gym.. But... we all know that it is going to take some getting used to.. It’s bound to be a rough first day in the gym for you and your body, especially on the ‘day after’ when you really start to feel the aches.


The day after the reopening of the gyms, PROTEIN introduces: National Muscle Soreness Day. A festive day, because we are finally allowed to hit the gym again. More than ever, we will embrace muscle soreness.  A great time for PROTEIN to get involved, because protein can actually contribute to your recovery. PROTEIN’s got your back, to help you get ready for your next (sports) challenge in no time!

PROTEIN's got your back


We announce National Muscle Soreness Day through a press release with tips to prevent muscle soreness in cooperation with our expert Leo Echteld. In addition, we set up an activation for influencers and journalists dubbed: the ‘PROTEIN Rescue Service Bus’. Journalists and influencers get a well-deserved massage after a heavy workout to recover. Last but not least, we send out a ‘muscle soreness care package’ to influencers and press relations consisting of various PROTEIN products, a foam roller to stimulate recovery, and a towel to take with you to your next sport-related challenge.


The news was picked up by Beau Monde, JFK, Happy in Shape, Flair and Manners, amongst others. In total, we achieved 42 social publications and 10 online publications with the introduction of National Muscle Soreness Day. 

  • Reach: 6.013.439

  • Media value: € 378.761

  • ROI: 1:10

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