Pritle: positioning and launch of fintech start-up

Pritle 2020

Dutch and Belgian audiences are introduced to CEO Thomas Bunnik

When Pritle reached out to us at the end of 2014, the company was a young player in the online asset management market and the term ‘fintech’ was hardly used by the media. Nowadays, Pritle is an established brand and we help the company through PR to conquer a larger market share.

Launching in Belgium, Austria and Switzerland has helped this along. In addition, CEO Thomas Bunnik has made regular appearances in the media.


The first step in our partnership was to further develop the company’s positioning. What is Pritle’s brand narrative? In other words, how can we clearly explain to the target audience that Pritle has revolutionary ideas when it comes to online asset management? Once this was set in stone, we aimed to broadcast it through owned and earned PR. By consistently sharing the same message in each publication, Pritle started to resonate with the audience and with journalists. To launch Pritle in Belgium, we organised a road tour that visited various leading editorial offices and television studios in Flanders. Moreover, we continuously work to profile co-founder and CEO Thomas Bunnik as a thought leader in the field of fintech. 


Since the launch, we have created continuous visibility for Pritle in all relevant Dutch media. This includes the FD, NOS, Telegraaf, Numrush and Emerce. In Belgium, news on Pritle has also been published by imperative media, including Kanaal Z and De Standaard.

Relevant cases