Specsavers: a ringtone for the hearing impaired

Specsavers 2020

Thanks to a specially designed ringtone, you will never miss a call ever again

It’s regular business for people with hearing loss: a telephone call passes silently. Simply without them noticing. In the hopes of solving this problem, the volume of the phone is constantly turned up to prevent missed calls. Unnecessary, since it’s only certain tones that are hard for the hearing impaired to hear.

With the right combination of treble, bass and wavelengths, this problem can be solved. This is where we saw a PR opportunity for Specsavers: creating a ringtone that is tailored to the hearing of people with hearing loss. A beautiful addition to the #BlijfErbijHoren campaign and a way to proof that Specsavers knows what is important to their target group.

"An audible ringing tone for people with hearing loss"

"We wanted to create something for Specsavers that would really benefit many people. It was amazing to come to this result together with a hearing care professional, sound engineer and hearing impaired: a ringtone that is clearly audible for people with hearing loss. Given the media result, the number of downloads and the positive responses from people using the ringtone, it’s a hit."


People with hearing loss (due to age) often turn up the volume of their phones hoping to be able to hear their ringtone, but this is not necessary at all. Furthermore, partners often fear that they will not be able to reach their hearing-impaired husband or wife when necessary. Therefore, together with the studio Soundcircus and a hearing care professional, we have created the ideal ringtone for the hearing impaired. This ringtone could be downloaded from Specsavers’ website for free and was introduced on the Dutch Veterans Day. Visitors were invited to get the ringtone installed on their phones in the Specsavers booth. We shared the story by means of a press release and interviews.


Apart from the large number of downloads, the ringtone reached many people via the media. BNR Nieuwsradio paid extensive attention to it. They tested the ringtone and consulted Evelyne Hermans from Doof.nl to explain it. Adformatie published an article on the reason behind it. Androidworld and the trade magazines Hoordetail and Stichting Hoormij also reported about Specsavers’ ringtone, just like many regional newspapers. It is very exciting and good to see that news media followed and also shared the message.

Download the ringtone

To find out more or to download the ringtone, visit Specsavers’ website.

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