Spotify: a continuous stream of qualitative stories

Spotify 2016

A weekly bruto reach of 33 million

We have been working for Spotify since 2011. A group of smart, innovative professionals work at Spotify, with a focus on ‘responsibility’ as one of their core values. Spotify gives us ample trust and freedom for us to execute our job, reach out to our network and share qualitative stories about the largest music streaming service in the world.

Not only this, but our cultural match is one of the many reasons why we continue to enjoy working for Spotify for so many years.


The Netherlands is one of Spotify’s most successful markets. Everything we do for them is focused on spreading qualitative stories. These are often derived from data: the most streamed artist, trends, facts, new music genres and more. In addition, Spotify frequently launches new functionalities which we love to let everyone know about. Everyone in the Netherlands knows (and loves) Spotify. It’s our job to hold and strengthen this position. By the way, we also organised Spotify’s launch in Belgium in 2011.


Together with the Spotify team, we’ve upheld the brand’s popularity and ensured that Spotify remains the favourite music streaming service among Dutch consumers and media. We recently even realised a bruto reach of 33 million within one week, when Spotify named the most streamed artist in the Netherlands (Broederliefde). Dieuwertje Heuvelings, playlist curator and editor at Spotify, was interviewed by Jeugdjournaal, RTL Boulevard and RTL Late Night, all in one day. 

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