Stokke: strengthening their position through an integrated PR approach

Stokke 2020

Pulling out all the stops to activate (future) parents

The Scandinavian brand Stokke reached out to us at the end of 2015 to help them strengthen their position as a luxurious baby brand through PR. Of course we said yes! 

Since that moment, we’ve utilised an integrated 360 approach to help the target audience - (future) parents - get to know the Stokke brand narrative in every way possible. 


Before we commenced our PR strategy, we dived into Stokke’s history. We quickly discovered something impressive about their design. All Stokke products are namely designed to physically help parents and their children grow closer together: ‘designed to be close’. The design therefore stimulates the relationship between parents and their children. This is the brand narrative that we want to portray as frequently as possible. 

We’ve realised this through various events (Dad’s and Mom’s Moment), collaborations with pregnant influencers, advertorials in leading platforms for young parents, being present at fairs, display advertising and through earned PR. In other words: by making journalists, bloggers, celebrities and influencers in our network become interested in Stokke’s story. The showroom in our office additionally helps interested consumers to discover Stokke’s products and how they are designed. As you can tell, we’re pulling out all the stops to further introduce Stokke to the Dutch market.


The integrated approach ensures that we can reach out to the right target audience in suitable ways, including publications in Metro, JAN Magazine and RTL Boulevard. 

Relevant cases