VeiligheidNL: Knoop in je oortjes

VeiligheidNL 2020

Together with VeiligheidNL we raised the awareness among parents and young children about the risks of hearing damage by using the wrong type of headphones or earbuds. With this earned first and influencer campaign we changed attitudes and shifted awareness amongst parents significantly.

Knoop in je oortjes’ literally translates into ‘tie (a knot) in your ears’ and is a commonly used Dutch saying meaning ‘having to remember something important’.

We are proud that this case has been nominated for a Sabre Award 2020.


Come up with a PR strategy and creative concept to raise awareness among parents and children from 9 to 15 years old about hearing damage due to using low quality headphones or earbuds.


Hearing damage among children is a growing problem. In the Netherlands, 1 in 7 children from the age of 9 have been diagnosed with hearing damage. Important culprits are headphones and earbuds. Children that use audio players with headphones or earbuds are three times more likely to get hearing damage. Parents and children are insufficiently aware of this. 


The central subject of the campaign is a new music video by Top Notch hip hop artist Idaly who is especially popular among the youth. He wanted to commit himself to protecting the new generation against this problem so they can continue to enjoy music. We made two versions of the same music video: one normal version and one in which the ambient noise is clearly audible. The second version shows you what you hear when you don’t use the correct headphones or earbuds.

On social media - Idaly’s and Top Notch’s Instagram and Top Notch’s YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers - and through an national and informative PR and influencer approach the music video and the campaign were introduced to parents and children on a grand scale. 

All media linked to the campaign website where you could switch between the two versions of the music video, thus impactfully experiencing the difference between good and bad quality headphones. The website also explained which headphones you can use best and contained a hearing test.


Compared to before the campaign, a stunning 65% of the parents intend to better protect their child’s hearing by buying high quality headphones. Furthermore, 44% of the parents state that they now are more aware of the influence good headphones have on a child’s hearing. 

The campaign generated massive earned media (72 publications) attention on online and social media, in national dailies, radio and television. The day prior to the launch, music channel Xite broadcasted the ‘wrong’ music video - the one including the ambient noise - which led to buzz on Twitter and items in EditieNL, Hart van Nederland, RTL Nieuws, Metro, Radio10, LINDA.nieuws, KidsWeek and Skyradio. In total we generated an earned media reach of 18 million impressions (with 0 euro media budget). 


  • PR Campaign  

  • Creative concept

  • Influencer management 

  • Content creation

  • Earned, owned, paid & social media

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