Vodafone: the entire country falls in love with 80-year-old twins

Vodafone 2020

Oma Online discussed in all national news media

Oma Online is a short documentary about the 80-year-old twins, Gerrie and Truus. The film was produced by WeFilm and concepted by Achtung. It shows how Vodafone digitally reconnects the sisters, who haven’t seen each other in 26 years. It was our job to give the campaign an extra boost through PR.

The results are impressive: the story of Gerrie and Truus was on everyone’s lips and Robert ten Brink took their reunion ‘offline’ in the Christmas special of ‘All You Need is Love’.


To generate maximum impact for Vodafone’s Oma Online campaign, we used both earned and paid media. Earned media was utilised to share the mini documentary and results from a research conducted together with GfK about how tech-savvy seniors are. Paid media was used to strengthen the reach generated through earned media. Directly after the launch, Gerrie and Truus were interviewed by Metro and Editie NL. The campaign fueled the social issue about how technology is made available to seniors, making Vodafone’s narrative more relevant. We pulled out all the stops to make the Oma Online campaign spread like wildfire across the country. The ultimate highlight was being able to realise a reunion in the ‘All You Need is Love’ studio, after many letters were received asking for Robert ten Brink to help the sisters out. 


The mini documentary and Vodafone’s campaign was highlighted in almost all Dutch news media. Five items were broadcasted on national television and we realised 117 media articles. The documentary was viewed 3.1 million times during the campaign period. The campaign’s total reach was 19 million and it was awarded with three ADCN Awards, one SAN Award, Spin Award and Esprix Award.

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