W Hotel: introducing a high-end hotel

W Amsterdam Hotel 2016

Everyone needs to know about the latest luxurious hotel in the Netherlands!

Amsterdam is home to a new hotspot: the world renowned W Hotel has opened a location in the city centre of Amsterdam, behind the Royal Palace. This is news we’re obviously excited to share with lifestyle media, influencers, celebrities and news media. 

We have been W Amsterdam’s PR partner since the launch in 2016. Our next step is to make even more people aware of this amazing hotel.


2016 was marked by various launch events: two locations opening in the Spuistraat, the opening of the rooftop pool and the AWAY Spa. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more spectacular, another event took the guests’ breath away. Our role was to manage the guest list and ensure that a wide range of journalists, bloggers, celebrities and influencers would be present. During all the festivities, we invited a select number of journalists and influencers to ‘test the beds’. Because what other way to get people excited about the luxury of W Amsterdam than allowing them to experience it for themselves?


It didn’t take long for W to become an established name in the Netherlands. The news about the latest hotel to reach Amsterdam could be read in every newspaper and magazine, including LINDA, JAN Magazine, Glamour, Vogue, Het Parool and Metro. We often welcomed television camera crews to report about the various events, including the crew of Shownieuws.

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