Wavin: Face Masks

Wavin 2020

During COVID-19, an employee at Wavin whose mother worked in health care had an idea: would it be possible to make a face mask at Wavin? He made a prototype and management embraced it. Three weeks later the face masks rolled of a production line normally meant for sewer pipes. We brought this story to life through a high impact pr plan and an incredible number of publications.


Bring the story of Wavin Face Masks to life in a true and engaging way as part of a Wavin’s overall higher purpose and through maximum earned attention.


Wavin is known as a sewer pipes producer, while actually it’s a purposeful company focussed on Future Proof Cities and Society. Wavin wanted to do its part in the COVID-19 crisis. When hospitals were short of protection against Corona, they turned a production line for plastic pipes into one for face masks. By doing so Wavin contributed something meaningful and useful in the fight against the coronavirus.


We developed an Earned First strategy and PR approach and created the right angle to maximise both awareness and attention around face masks, while staying within the Wavin purpose. We did this by using of our PR craftsmanship skills to plug Wavin as a company with a great message and purpose in both national and regional media, in print, TV and online. In a way it was Wavin’s coming out as a company that is much more than just a manufacturer of sewer pipes. It’s a company with a relevant, meaningful purpose around future proof cities and society. Face Masks initiative was another tangible proofpoint of this purpose. We have helped tell and spread this story as pure as possible in a rich and broad variety of media through which this deeply human story has been told in a way to do it justice.


Media value: € 136,976

Reach (impressions): 25,687,622

Number of publications: 38

With a earned reach of almost 26 million, this is an earned first project we are proud of. With broadcasts on RTV Oost and Goedemorgen Nederland, the news spread quickly. This was followed by the Algemeen Dagblad which shared the news and featured it in all regional titles. In addition to RTV, national and regional titles, important trade media, such as Cobouw and Waterforum, wrote about the transition of Wavin’s production to support health care. 

Martin van Rijn, Minister for Medical Care and Sport welcomes Wavin’s initiative: 

“We need different kinds of materials for different kinds of treatments. When you work on an IC Unit and you have to intubate patients, wherein dusts, particles and droplets come free, you need other types of masks than for treatments for which you only need to keep a safe distance. When distributing all materials we keep the different treatments in mind. By this way you will get the right stuff for the right treatment. These masks will definitely help.”


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