Effectieve marketing van nu is PR-gedreven

door Jacqueline Bosselaar, 19 May 2020

Today effective marketing and communications need a different approach. We can no longer simply buy the hearts, time and attention of people. Today we have to earn it!

We believe as a brand, your point of view is the only way to stand out.

Your thoughts are what makes you interesting.

And your actions what make people believe and trust you. Even buy from you. 

Your action now defines how you will be remembered.

From that point onwards you’ll build brand value for your tomorrow. 

Today is about creating opportunity by not wasting time nor resources.

And about being effective by being truly relevant. To people.

As long as you stay honest and true to who you really are, you have a role to play.

We believe that these developments are the essence of Public Relations. 

PR is more than a set of tactics or a press release. PR is a point of view. 

Made for this earned first era.

Our approach is therefore earned in the core and social by design.  

We connect with stories that people want to share. Made to travel across channels.

Our work results in effective marketing & communications and resilient reputation.

This is how we help brands to cut through the clutter and take the lead. 

Our question to you is: What would you do if you could no longer buy the attention of people?

Jacqueline Bosselaar, Founder, CEO & Strategist of HPB (Het PR Bureau)

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